Lambs & Thyme Spinach Dip Gormet Herb Blends

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Delicious blends for vegetables, chips, crackers, pretzels and on meats!

.46 oz

Msg free, gluten free, all natural

BLT Dip- sundried tomatoes, soy bacon bits, onion, garlic, parsley & other herbs

Dilly dip- dill, onion, garlic, salt & other natural herbs

Smokey Horseradish - horseradish, onion, soy bacon bits, bacon, hickory flavored salt & other natural herbs

Spinach- veggie flakes, onion, spinach & other natural herbs

Toasted garlic onion- toasted garlic, toasted onion, parsley & other herbs

Hearty garlic & herb- garlic, onion, cheese powder, salt, dairy whey, sugar, chives, basil & other herbs. (Contains milk)

Zesty Garlic- garlic, parsley, onion, chives, paprika and other natural herbs

Cheesy Chive- Cheese powder, onion, garlic, chives, salt, sugar, other herbs. (Contains milk)

FIREWORKS- Garlic, paprika, Cayenne pepper, jalapeño pepper, onion, crushed red pepper, bell pepper, parsley, cilantro