Custom Shirts

Custom shirt designs

If you are looking for a completely custom design, we can do that for you.  Whether you need if your your business, a family event or a girls weekend trip! 

I can do completely custom work for you, design and all.  I can also take your logo and use it to put on shirts!

Pricing is all dependent on what you are looking for and how many you need.  There are price breaks per 10+ garments.

Design fee starts at $20.  If you have a very detailed, technical design you want, it may be more.  This is strictly for designing a image.  IF you already have a png image ready for me there is no design fee.

Regular pricing-

Poly/Cotton shirts- $28

Performance shirts - $30

Long sleeve Poly/Cotton - $30

Long sleeve performance shirt - $32

Poly/Cotton Crewneck/hoodie sweatshirt - $34

Other sweatshirts available upon request.

Sweatpants/Joggers - $34

Price breaks start at 10+ items ordered

10 garments get 10% off the total

15 garments get 15% off the total

20 garments get 20% off the total

30+ garments get 30% off

Please feel free to email me at if you want to get started or have a question!